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Downsizing With Dignity

By Renée Bucklin

There has been a lot in the news lately about companies making decisions that adversely affect their employees:  mergers, sales, closings, and layoffs.  They all have emotional impact on everyone in the firm.  There are ways to manage these changes legally, ethically, and with respect for everyone affected.

For those who must be let go, an outplacement program will make a world of difference.  Outplacement organizations are businesses that employers utilize to help their employees manage their new job search and transition.  Outplacement services are especially valuable when a company has had a stable and dedicated workforce for a long time.  Employees are often nervous and concerned about “being out there” in the job market.  They will appreciate the organized and effective outplacement services to help prepare for the transition.

The main components of an outplacement program are:

  1. Assessment of current situation and skills,
  2. Determination of course to take,
  3. Preparation of resume and job seeking skills, and
  4. Support through the interview and offer process.

With individualized assistance, the recently-laid off person can address their career options to keep their job search in focus.  This will usually result in a shorter and more productive search that should be more rewarding.  By offering outplacement services, your former employees will know that you cared about them during a difficult period.

How will the company, benefit?  Your reputation as a caring organization will be enhanced, both in the community and with your workforce.  The organization can concentrate on the business of going forward.  At the same time, the company’s remaining employees will continue to be loyal.  The investment of outplacement services is an expenditure that offers value to the company, while at the same time simply doing the right thing for employees who you have worked closely with over the years.

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